The Craftsmen

Chris Ramos + Ryan Cocina


We've been shopmates since our early days at the Vermont Woodworking School in 2008, studying under the prolific Bob Fletcher and other prominent Vermont furniture makers.  We're both originally from New York, RC by way of Buffalo, CR from NY city, but Vermont's the home we love.  We don't have to go far to find the most exquisite domestic hardwoods and we aim to showcase the natural beauty of the material in every piece we design and build.           

The Process

We're no strangers to napkin-sketch diagrams, in fact, many of our projects start that way.  Each design evolves as a conversation, and as we draft concepts into blueprint, we can offer a variety of designs aids to support the dialogue.        

We have relationships with numerous local lumber mills and we dig deep in the stacks to find the most attractive boards for our projects.  We love wood with character and don't shy away from planks with knots, bug holes, or unusual grain.  These features honor the life of the standing tree and make the furniture even more unique.        

  • scale drafting

  • computer modeling

  • wood/finish samples

Some of our favorite woods:

  • white ash

  • sugar maple

  • black cherry

  • black walnut

  • white oak

We procure all our wood material as rough sawn lumber and mill it ourselves in-shop.  We use a mix of machine and hand tool operation to form the traditional joinery, such as the mortise-and-tenon, or dovetail joints we incorporate in the furniture.  Every step through sanding and finishing is done by us.  Our work is heirloom quality and built to last for generations.           

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